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The AIAS is one of the strongest links between architecture students and the professional world. With the resources available to the organization, the AIAS becomes a voice of the students and for the students. Join the AIAS - by visiting the AIAS Registration link below - today to become a member of a professional nationally recognized student organization.


2017-2018 Membership Fees

New Members and Renewals

$55.00 ($47 - National; $8 - Local)


To become a member, please follow this link:



Membership runs through August 31, 2019.

A note from our Exective Director, Nick Serfass:


AIAS is all about your "ands". Thousands of students will graduate with architecture degrees and enter the job market. All of them know architecture. AIAS members know architecture and a lot more. AIAS provides leadership, project management, marketing, communication, graphic design, public speaking, and networking skills you won't find anywhere else.


AIAS is your community. Professional and personal lives thrive on relationships. It's not always about what you know, but rather who you know. Build a bigger, better community through the AIAS.


AIAS connects you to the profession beyond studio. Firm crawls, portfolio reviews, mock interviews, and speed mentoring are all part of the yearly fare at AIAS. Studio may get you an interview, but the AIAS can help you get the job.


AIAS brings architecture to you. We can't all tour the world Instagramming every building we heard about in arch history. We can't all have lunch with every starchitect we've seen in magazines. So AIAS brings them to you. Conferences like AIAS FORUM, AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference, and AIAS Quad Conferences, as well as CRIT: The Journal of the AIAS bring world-renown architects, investigative case studies, practical educational sessions, unique charrettes, and fascinating competitions to your doorstep.


AIAS develops the next generation of design leaders. Leadership isn't learned overnight. It takes trial and error, engaging with people, learning from experience, and examining those who do it right. AIAS gives you these experiences today so you are ready to lead tomorrow.

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